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Leading Force of the Industry

We have extensive resources and robust infrastructures to support our customer ’s online property to be fast, secure and reliable.

CDN Introduction

The CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is designed to minimize potential bottlenecks and latency issues on the Internet. Its core purpose is to ensure faster and more stable content delivery by strategically placing node servers within an intelligent virtual network overlay on the existing Internet infrastructure. This approach enables users to access desired content swiftly, mitigating Internet congestion and enhancing website responsiveness for improved user experiences. (Source: Internet video)

Network Coverage & Capacity

NGAA CDN stands tall with a vast network of 800+ cache nodes strategically positioned worldwide. In collaboration with industry giants like China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and numerous smaller ISPs, our network boasts a formidable bandwidth of over 15 Tbps, guaranteeing unparalleled content delivery efficiency on a global scale.

Cloud Security

NGAA's comprehensive security services are designed to fortify your digital landscape on multiple fronts. We provide robust protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks targeting both network and application layers. Our specialized defenses extend to shielding against web application attacks, ensuring the resilience of your online applications. Moreover, we employ advanced measures to counteract the threats posed by malicious crawlers and bot attacks.

Media Services

NGAA excels in delivering high-definition, low-latency audio and video services, covering live streaming, real-time processing, network-wide distribution, content protection, multi-screen playback, and statistical analysis. Our comprehensive media services also include audio and video features such as file upload, storage management, copyright protection, distribution, and acceleration. NGAA is your one-stop solution for quick and customized media delivery needs.

Overall Solutions

NGAA offers a comprehensive suite of services for enterprises, including CDN, DDoS protection, WAF, Cloud Storage, Live Streaming, Serverless Computing, DNS error correction, and other essential services. We aim to provide holistic solutions to enhance the overall performance of your online properties.

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