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    Professional Services
    Accelerate Static and Dynamic Content
    Providing good end user experience
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    Accelerate Web Applications,Speed up File Downloads, Fast Streaming Services
    Content Delivery Network Services
    For online properties
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    For your Layer 7 Applications
    Customized Caching
    Comprehensive content acceleration, full visibility on request log and analytics
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    Providing full services for Live Streaming and VOD
    Professional Media Content Acceleration
    Fast and reliable streaming vendor

Leading Force of the Industry

We have extensive resources and robust infrastructures to support our customer ’s online property to be fast, secure and reliable.

CDN Introduction

The CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is designed to minimize potential bottlenecks and latency issues on the Internet. Its core purpose is to ensure faster and more stable content delivery by strategically placing node servers within an intelligent virtual network overlay on the existing Internet infrastructure. This approach enables users to access desired content swiftly, mitigating Internet congestion and enhancing website responsiveness for improved user experiences. (Source: Internet video)

Network Coverage & Capacity

NGAA CDN boasts 800+ cache nodes worldwide, deployed with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and more than a dozen small and medium-sized ISPs with a total of 15+ Tbps bandwidth.

Cloud Security

NGAA provides cloud security services for users in government, enterprises, finance, e-commerce, media, games and other industries, integrating security protection and CDN acceleration. While steadily accelerating the website, it uses deep learning algorithms to monitor and intelligently predict attacks in real time, accurately resist various network layer and application layer DDoS attacks, web application attacks and malicious crawler attacks, ensure website security and reliability, and enhance user experience.

Cloud Video

NGAA providies customers with convenient access to high-definition and low-latency audio and video live streaming services. Covering live streaming, real-time processing, network-wide distribution, content protection, multi-screen playback, statistical analysis and other live streaming processes; provide audio and video-on-demand(VoD) services that integrate video upload, storage management, audio and video processing, video AI, copyright protection, distribution acceleration and other functions, a one-stop solution to quickly meet customers' diversified video needs.


NGAA provides enterprises with cloud storage, cloud desktop, Serverless, big data AI, DNS error correction and other basic services to meet the needs of customers' overall solutions.

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